Let’s get alive

Recently, as February weather has been feeling more like May here in Philly, I realized my enduring desire for change and why I may need to reevaluate that perspective.

To change, with love

I love change. To me, change is like a dear friend who consistently delivers a great time, every time.

Perhaps you are a creature of comfort and habit, and so you must currently feel repulsed at my pure adoration of change. Let me break down our “situation,” and all the offers change brings to the table. I love the change of season, I love moving and a new home, I love meeting new people, I love starting a new job, I love get rid of half my closet (more room for new goodies), I love new bars, I love new places—I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture. I’m aware a therapist would probably say this love of change comes from my inability to feel satisfied with most everything in my life. Minus relationships—I am good at finding, keeping and loving good people for a long time. I digress.

So— BOOM came the change in weather this weekend and with it an all-natural high similar to the feeling I get when given an alcoholic beverage or bacon in bed.

Let’s Get Happy

I’m sure we all can think of things that facilitate a natural substance-free high, which led me to my next thought: how do I emulate this high on a daily basis? I compiled a list of ways I am going to try to “EMBRACE THE MOMENT, AND LET GO OF THE NEED TO CONTROL,” (the caps are included because those mantras are still a work in progress for me).

  • Write, write and write some more. It fills my happiness cup to the brim and even if no one in the world ever reads this post, I will sleep better tonight because I lived a creative day.
  • Go for a walk. I never regret hauling myself (even if it’s just around the block) to get some fresh air and feel the outside.
  • Don’t react, let go. This one is still a work in progress for me, but the Four Agreements mantra, “don’t take anything personally,” helps me feel like this is an attainable goal.
  • Put the phone down. If I’m spending time with the ones I love, or just a live person, show some human decency and INTERACT.
  • Take a probiotic. I find my intoxicated-self running a personal advertising business for probiotics because I’ve been so impressed with their effect on my body. But for real, they work wonders on your gut, vagina and brain health, so take them.

All of these items force me to live in the moment, and not escape into a fantasy world of change. I don’t think about my “amazing,” yet nonexistent future home, job, car, blog, etc. Instead, I am fully ingrained in the moment, feeling some form of being alive.

I challenge you to make a list of ways you can improve your personal focus. Do you ever escape to an alternate reality to feel some type of way? If so, remember I’m with you, BUT together we can push a tad further outside our comfort zones and a little closer to feeling quality happiness, everyday.

Last but certainly not least, purchasing these $13 DOLLAR loafers from Primark, also makes me feel quite satisfied in the moment. Another win from this outfit are the Adidas leggings in which I have been frequenting/stalking the Center City Macy’s, potentially too many times.

Here’s to a weekend full of shoes less expensive than Tito’s, and life spent feeling ALIVE.

Hallelujah xx



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