Mom jeans on a kid’s budget

mom jeans, jeans, blue jeans, high waisted jeans

Happy almost weekend! Amidst all the craziness taking place right now in our country, sometimes we need a mental vacation. I hopped on an invisible plane recently and took a trip to my local mall, where I was greeted by Mom jeans on Mom jeans.

I may not be using the technical fashion term to describe these precious pants, but I feel like you know a Mom jean when you see one.  The Mom jean, lighter in wash, high-waisted, roomy through the legs and fitted ankles, have made a comeback. However, unlike the ghost of their mother’s past, we are styling them with over-sized coats, booties, delicate jewelry and tight knit tops.

Wearing a pair of Mom jeans can make your outfit feel unique, yet comfortable, which is a sentiment quiet similar to the feeling we get from the “Mom’s” they once covered.

As we enter the “in between” fashion weather season,  we discover perhaps the best part about Mom jeans: their year-long versatility. Purchase a pair of Mom jeans now, and come summer you can continue to confidently don them.

For my fellow friends with champagne taste on an invisible budget, Mom jeans don’t have to break the bank. I recently purchased these frayed-ankle Mom jeans at H&M for under $40 dollars!  Primark also has affordable styles, available here.

So please be sure to take yourself on that mental vacation, and perhaps pick-up some Mom jeans along the way. Then return to us all, protest sign in hand.

Happy shopping xx

mom jeans, jeans, blue jeans, high waisted jeans

mom jeans, jeans, blue jeans, high waisted jeans



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