I am woman, hear me roar.

When I think back two weeks, I feel a sense of sadness. I feel as if I was in the eye of the hurricane, full of excitement for the future, yet blissfully unaware of the danger ahead. Then, like much of life, the storm hit and everything turned upside down.

Donald Trump is the President elect.

Let me be clear and repeat the sentiments I have already shared on my Instagram. I am a logical person who is obsessed with politics, and I have a deep sense of trust in our democracy. I trust America and the system of checks and balances implemented by our founding fathers to protect all people.

However, emotionally I was devastated. My devastation, like millions of others across America, took on many forms. First, there was sadness and shock, how could this happen? I spent most of Wednesday, November 9th crying, which in hindsight was a moving experience. I had the pleasure of mourning and watching Hillary give her graceful concession speech in the company of my fellow female coworkers.

Next came anger, because women deserved this. I wanted so badly for a daughter, mother and grandmother to lead, like they do in so many of our lives. I wanted America to break that final glass ceiling and I wanted Hillary to do it. Lena Dunham wrote an essay about the election, featured here on Lenny Letter. She described the feeling of injustice, and the system failing her. I instantly related to this notion: how lucky and sheltered I am that this is my first taste of heartbreak from the system. Dunham writes,

“It’s a privilege to be heartbroken by the system for the first time at age 30. So many people — those in the prison system, those with undocumented American relatives, those who are trans, who are queer, who are people of color, who are Muslim, who are trying to prosecute their abusers — have felt the crushing failure of the system over and over again. This is just another dark week. This isn’t surreal like a death or a bad diagnosis. This is their life.”

Finally—inspiration. Life goes on, and feelings fade with time, but I will not let go of this feeling. Currently, I am so inspired, so full of purpose and drive, ready to conquer the world ahead. Now more than ever women must come together. We must join forces to lift each other, love each other and encourage each other to make a decisive choice towards love, always.

I am lucky. I grew up with a Mother who told me I could be anything I want, all on my own. She never let me forget that being a woman is indescribable privilege. For all those out there who have been told otherwise, let me set the record straight. You are a fucking shooting star. Now is our time to rise up together for those who came before and for all who come after.

We must cherish the incredible sisterhood women everywhere share, and never forget love always trumps hate.


A very nasty woman.

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