Wine and Words: Part Three

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Wine, MadlyMegan

It’s been quite awhile since our last “Wine and Words.” With summer approaching, I wanted to wrap up the series to make way for exciting new content to inspire all of you right in time for Summer. I have been struggling to create authentic and inspired material to share with those willing to listen. But, I think after some serious “me” time and reflecting, I am excited for the road ahead.

For now, please enjoy the final episode of “Wine and Words.” Since we last checked in with Molly, Caroline and Kristen there have been significant changes for my dear ladies. You won’t believe me–but in the same week all three of these girls went from single to coupled up with new boyfriends. Keep your eyes peeled for a new relationship round table coming soon. But for now, grab a glass of your special medicine and read below to remind yourself life ain’t perfect.

Megan: What advice would you give your college-self, regarding your work or life path? If you could change one thing, what would it be? Since that’s the 20/20 hindsight we can offer right now.

I know personally I would get way more involved on campus.  Like I think to myself “why didn’t you do the newspaper or 40 clubs?”  I will pat myself on the back for my internships and going abroad. But I am an idiot for not getting more involved.

Caroline:  If you know what you want to focus on when you graduate, get involved in something that has to do with that. Your grades do not matter; your experience and the connections you make matter.

I will say my GPA was horrible, but I got called in for my interviews because of the two previous internships I completed in college, and connections I made, not my grades.

Kristen: I feel like I fixated on the GPA—took things too seriously and studied like I was becoming a doctor. I didn’t study abroad but looking back I wish I made it work.  I would definitely not change my career path though.

Molly: This may sound self-righteous but I’m really happy with myself in college, like I had five internships, and I joined the on campus TV station.  It prepared me because when I went on my first real job interview, I had a whole portfolio of every internship with highlights of my accomplishments mapped out in a binder.

The only thing I would change is studying abroad.

Megan: My last is a two-part question: on a scale of 1-10 how important is your career in your life, 10 meaning its most important, and one meaning its just a necessity. Where does your career sit in your heart now and in 10 years?

Kristen: I feel like for me it’s a seven or eight right now, and maybe in five years I’ll be pregnant or something, so I couldn’t see it going any higher than it is now.

Caroline: I thought I was more invested but when I think about it, I think I’m comfortable and it’s maybe a 5 or 6.  I think it’s also like I spend all my energy at work, I’m single, I don’t have a family and I don’t have any higher priorities right now then making money and paying rent.

I just don’t ever see it, unless I get in a position where I’m in a leadership role, I don’t see it increasing in this position. My goal is to find jobs I have more interest in and hopefully have it increase.

Molly: I think I actually see it increasing.  Since going from the position I just had where I could go to work with my eyes closed and say “okay that was a good day”—and now I’m at a higher level of work.  I’m putting myself at a seven because right now it has a lot of my attention.

My next thing is I definitely want to keep climbing the ladder and have a leadership role, where I get to use my leadership skills to manage a team.  So in that sense I think it could only grow and that’s important to me.

Megan: To close out this discussion we are all 25 or 24. If you could change one thing in your millennial life, good or bad, personal or work related, what would you change?

Caroline: How lame an answer is a boyfriend? I mean since I’ve started working I feel like there is definitely something missing.

I think maybe I’ve been in Philly my whole life, should I be looking in other cities for a job? But now I’m at the point where I’m like “I love Philly,” and I love having my friends.  So maybe I just want someone to come home to and listen to me vent about work.

But maybe this is just how all Millennials feel, like not 100% about anything.

Kristen:  I don’t know what I would change because I’m happy with my career, so I’m struggling with this question.

The one thing on my mind is that I wish I studied abroad or traveled more, like I don’t think I’m the type of person that’s going to do that now.  I would have to be stalked and pushed to do that.

Molly: My initial thought is I feel like to myself and people our age—the question of the “what if” is so prominent.  We are at a time where we are single, we have no families, and the only thing to worry about is work and ourselves.  So, the “what if” is like do I move, is this my real career path, what will life be in 5 years, but it won’t be answered.

Caroline: I think it’s almost worse sometimes that there is nothing tying me down.  Like nothing is stopping me from taking a job in Chicago.  So it’s like I hate not being tied down in some ways, because I hate having so many options.

Megan: We are a new generation of yes is always the answer and there are always options; so to think “oh I have 5 more years to f*ck around,” it can be overwhelming and daunting.

Caroline: I think traveling the world is just so much more of a common occurrence now, “like did you hear that kid teaching in Thailand” or “she just quit her job to do yoga full-time,” and it’s like should I be traveling around aimlessly?  You think so much more about what if I’m not doing something that I could be doing.

Kristen: Yes, I think social media makes people depressed and I think that’s such a prominent topic among people our age.

You see people doing all these cool things and you’re like “oh great I’m home on my couch.” I remember reading someone famous said they would never want go back to their 20’s because it’s like the “figure-it-out” years.  Millennials just overanalyze like oh I’m single, I’m miserable, what am I doing, because we have so much free time to think.

Caroline: You see other people hit landmarks that you personally are nowhere near and it makes you second-guess yourself.

In college everyone is doing the same thing, you go out and get wasted all weekend, and on Sunday’s everyone else in lounging in bed.  But now you wake up on Sundays, and you are like am I too old for this?

Kristen: I feel like if you’re single you wonder when am I going to meet someone, or get married or have babies?

Caroline: My point is the grass is always greener in your 20’s—if you’re single, you want a boyfriend, if you have a boyfriend, you’re jealous of how much fun single people are having.  I just think you have to get to a point where you are confident in yourself.

Megan: Right and I think that comes with age.  I struggle career wise with the fact that ever since I was little I’ve been writing in my diary these unrealistic expectations, like I want to be a model, and the first female president.  Sometimes I’m just like I wish I didn’t care and was content with whatever, but I do put pressure on myself.  I think that’s where my head goes when I think grass is always greener, that I should be doing more.

Molly: I think the happiness level thing is pretty funny.  I don’t know, and this is sad, but I don’t know if you asked anyone in their mid-20’s if you could find someone who could genuinely say I am 100-percent happy in my life right now.

Caroline: I don’t think anyone warns you that you are going feel like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff, and you don’t know which way to go.

Kristen: I feel like when we all graduated college we had these high hopes and expectations about certain things, and now you just have so many different pressures, there is more responsibility, as you get older

Megan: You are becoming your own person so we have to figure out how to have confidence in ourselves.

Molly: I think you find your happiness in the little moments that happen throughout the day, because there is no other way to look at life and be like I’m super happy at least everyday.


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  1. Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's June 9, 2016 / 4:13 pm

    I really enjoyed this and I think it’d make a fun podcast! I’m in college, so I’m feeling quite comfortable in this bubble and not having to deal with real-life adult stuff… yet o.o People are always saying how much they enjoyed college and that they wish they had cherished it more while they were there, and I don’t doubt them! I won’t be studying abroad in my four years, but I lived abroad for 8 years previous to college, so I think I’m okay with my decision. I have plenty of time to travel with the rest of my life! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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