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camel, leather skirt, sweater, HM

Welcome to the first edition of MegTime. Now that my days as a stay at home mom are over, Thursday has become my new favorite day of the week.  It’s not quiet Friday, but the week is BASICALLY over. You can push through a Friday hangover. It’s only one day.

So to celebrate this glorious day and to hold myself to providing you all with NEW CONTENT (I typed that in Caps in hopes my subconscious could see) I have established MegTime. Every Thursday I will feature something I am personally obsessed with, whether it be clothes, food, books etc. MegTime will be a sacred time for me to share a little secret I picked up the past week.

During this week’s MegTime I will discuss my love of camel and my new favorite book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

camel, leather skirt, sweater

In terms of camel, the color not the lumpy animal, this is the perfect shade to buy now that will continue to transition into the spring season. Camel  goes with everything—from denim to black to periwinkle, you will get a variety of outfits out of this color. In this outfit above I even challenged myself to step out-of-the-box and put together an entire camel outfit. So when you head to the mall this weekend, remember, camel or die.

big magic, book, self-love

Now on a more inspirational note, if you are looking for a way to inspire your creative side, immediately put on your shoes and run to the bookstore.  I have found the magic potion, and its a novel called Big Magic. I am a forever fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. I can pick up my copy of Eat Pray Love and sift through the pages with all my notes and signs of life, and experience emotions deeper than I knew possible. So when I heard she wrote a new book about tapping in your creative energy and never giving up on it, I was immediately hooked.

Big Magic grazes on the edge of a self-help book, memoir and a nonfiction novel, and it delivers. Gilbert uses real life examples of the way creativity has impacted her life and the universe. She is honest, clear and backs her claims with examples too inspiring to argue. If you are feeling like you are in a creative rut, or desire that creative spark in your life, I highly suggest investing in a copy today. I came away from the book feeling peaceful yet excited for what my creative path my lay ahead.

I leave you with one of my favorite passages from Big Magic, titled “Nobody’s Thinking About You,” and it goes: “We all spend our twenties and thirties trying so hard to be perfect, because we’re so worried about what people will think of us. Then we get into our forties and fifties, and we finally start to be free, because we decide that we don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of us. But you won be completely free until you reach your sixties and seventies, when you finally realize this liberating truth—nobody was ever thinking about you, anyhow.”



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