MegTime: Keep calm and work on

Welcome to the second edition of MegTime!

This week I want to focus on ways to find a work-life balance.  Inspired by recent events in my personal life, and also experiences within the lives of those closest to me, I would like to share some tips to help you (and me) chill out at work.

Conference calls, client emails, forgotten attachments, appointments and Outlook are all terms that can give the average person a near death experience on any given day.  Everyone handles a “crisis” at work differently.  Some people blame themselves, some blame their opponent and some don’t feel phased at all.  I suppose it’s the perfectionist in me, but I usually find myself falling on the “blaming yourself” side. It is easy to spend the remainder of the day feeling like the world is ending because you forgot a recipient on an email.  From what I’ve gathered from my friends, finding that healthy mental work life balance is a daily struggle.

How exactly do we, and should we, deal? Yes, it is JUST work, but I believe your ability to take responsibility for your actions directly reflects your character.

For the first tip, I look to one of the most consistent and reliable teachers: TIME. Spend enough time doing or feeling anything and chances are you will experience a change that leads to some type of peace.  Yes, when you first start a new job everything is unfamiliar and can be terrifying, but as more time passes the easier it all gets.  I believe this philosophy can be applied to all aspects of life, from a breakup, to a loss or even a big move in your life.  Eventually, the unfamiliar becomes familiar and with that comes comfortability and (hopefully) more success, with more confident work.  So, first thing’s first: give it time. It heals all.

The second piece of advice comes from my very own mother: MISTAKES ARE LEARNING LESSONS. My mom is hands down my favorite person to call in times of severe Meg-style panic attacks.  She has a grace under fire that I hope to one day emulate. For as long as I can remember my mom has always told me, “it’s okay to make a mistake. You will learn from it and chances are you will not do it again.”  She also never let me dwell (or wallow in self-pity) with said mistakes. No dramatics and cut the tears, mistakes are a part of life and without them learning would be a much more boring and time-consuming process.

Lastly, this a personal piece of advice I have picked up along my short, yet sweet, job journey: NO JOB IS GUARANTEED. I learned this the hard way when I was laid-off last May, but it is something I still hold close.  You could be the most productive employee around and sometimes the ax falls and you will find yourself in its path.  It’s important to remember, there will always be other jobs. Sometimes sh*t happens, so try your best and expect the unexpected.

Next time when you want to go cry in the bathroom (shout-out to a special reader at home), remember these three tips: give it time, mistakes are learning lessons, and no job is guaranteed.

Happy MegTime.


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