Making room for self-love in 2016.

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I am sending a long lost hello to all my readers—I am back and promise to never leave you for that long again.

I must admit that this past month I had fallen victim to a life of all work and play.  Although that may sound like all you need, I have been majorly missing balance.  The balance I am referring to occurs when I am practicing self-love.  Don’t run away because I’m getting all deep—self-love comes in many forms.

Self-love can be as simple as washing your face every morning, or going for a short jog on a Sunday. But it can also be as big as cutting out sugar, keeping a gratitude journal, or vowing off negative self-talk for one week.  In any case, self-love involves taking action, big or small, to enrich & improve yourself and your life.

Personally, my best self-love practices usually appear as challenges. My self-love goals for 2016 (now that my life as stay-at-home Meg is over) is working out three work days a week. Even though when my alarm goes off I want to hide under my covers and never emerge, I know that working out will improve my mental and physical state for the entire day that follows. I also know that working out in the morning causes me to choose healthier foods throughout the day, another way to practice self-love.

My second act of self-love is probably the most important: stick to a financial budget! I can openly admit that I am not the best saver, and my love of shopping, and my student loans have not exactly helped me.  SO—I developed an extensive, very specific money plan for 2016. If, like me, you are also unhappy with your financial situation, I encourage you to make a savings plan for yourself and try to stick to it for one month. I truly believe that financial stability creates stability in our daily lives and removes unnecessary stress.

My final self-love goal is to read, read, and read some more.  Most of us spend 40 hours-a-week staring a screen, only to go home and stare at a smaller screen, in the kitchen, on the couch, and in our beds.  I want to break this habit for myself.  Instead of rushing home from work to “play on my phone,” or mindlessly watch another reality show, I want to dedicate that time to reading.  Whether it’s a self-help book (my cup-of-tea), a magazine or a novel—I need to read it! I want the feeling of holding the actual book, highlighting my favorite parts, and forgetting about my phone.

I encourage you all to make a list three ways you will practice self-love this year. Make a list and tape it next to your light switch, or on your mirror, so that every day you are reminded how important it is to take care of yourself.

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